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Donjoy Advantage Marvel Kids Figure 8 Ankle Support

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Designed to help protect the ankle from sprains and strains, the DonJoy® Advantage Figure-8 Ankle Support Featuring Marvel helps provide mild ankle support, breathability and compression. Constructed with figure-8 strapping, this wrap-around and slip-on style ankle brace helps stabilize the ankle and aids to prevent ankle rolling or other injuries. The lightweight, low-profile and open-heel design ensures comfortability and an anatomical fit. Easy to put on, the Kids Figure-8 Ankle Support can be worn on the right or left foot and fits in most shoes.

  • Mesh undersleeve sleeve helps provide compression, breathability, and comfort
  • Open heel design for anatomical fit
  • Figure-8 strapping is easy to adjust and aids in ankle support
  • Universal design fits right or left foot
  • Unique Marvel Design



Size is based on ankle circumference. Measure around the center of the ankle bone.

5.75 - 6.75” 6.75 - 7.75”
15 - 17 cm 17 - 19 cm


  1. Slide foot into sleeve
  2. Place with the heel located within the heel cutout
  3. Wrap the first elastic strap across the top of foot and around the ankle
  4. Connect the contact closure
  5. Repeat for second strap
  6. Adjust as needed


Hand wash in warm water using mild soap, rinse thoroughly. Air dry.

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