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Donjoy Duostrap Back Brace

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The DonJoy Duostrap Back Brace is designed for therapeutic relief and lumbar-abdominal support.

The DonJoy Duostrap Back Brace offers the following therapeutic benefits

  • Pain relief - Exerting strong compression helps alleviate lumbar pain
  • Postural reminder - Proprioceptive effect helps prevent noxious movements
  • Stabilization & controlled Mobilization - Via strong wraparound and limited range-of-motion
  • Abdominal weakness compensation - Via strong elastic compressive material Patient Profile

Features & Benefits

  • Strong compressive elastic material - Enhanced abdominal and dorsal support
  • High waist design - Increased overall abdominal hold
  • Double Bilateral straps - To adjust compression level
  • Straps with finger pockets - Ease of adjustment


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