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Donjoy Immostrap Back Brace

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The Donjoy Immostrap Back Brace helps to alleviate lumbar pain by exerting strong compression.

The Clinicians Choice range is a highly recommended and popular range of products available for prompt shipping from our Auckland warehouse.

The DonJoy Immostrap Back Brace can be used for acute or subacute lower back pain, lumbar arthrosis, following disc herniation and for lumbar sciatica. This back support is suitable for those who lead an active lifestyle, and can be used during heavy duty tasks and leisure activities.

Therapeutic Benefits

  • Pain relief - Exerting strong compression helps alleviate lumbar pain
  • Postural reminder - Proprioceptive effect helps prevent noxious movements 
  • Stabilization & controlled mobilization - Via wraparound compression and limited range-of-motion

Features & Benefits

  • Quadruple Bilateral straps - To adjust compression level
  • Independent superior and inferior compression adjustment - For optimal anatomical fit
  • Strong compressive elastic material - To enhance posture control

Rolling buckles
 - For effortless tightening





Immostrap H. 26cm XS 56cm - 68cm, 22" - 26½"
Immostrap H. 26cm S 68cm - 82cm, 26½" - 32¼"

Immostrap H. 26cm M 82cm - 98cm, 32¼" - 38½"

Immostrap H. 26cm L 98cm - 116cm, 38½" - 45½"

Immostrap H. 26cm XL 116cm - 136cm, 45½" - 53½"
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