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Donjoy Stabilax Hinged Elastic Knee

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The DonJoy StabiLax elastic knitted knee support with semi-rigid hinges, kneecap pad, and adjustable straps.Elastic knitted knee support with semi-rigid hinges, kneecap pad, and adjustable straps.


  • Support and compression following acute and chronic knee injury
  • Proprioceptive and neuromuscular stimulation through compression
  • Mild medial (inner) and lateral (outer) ligament sprains of the knee
  • Mild knee instability and hypermobility
  • Prevention of injury


  • Anatomical 3D knit design to help provide effective and targeted cmpression (20-36mmHg, medical standard) and support
  • Breathable, elastic soft knit for enhanced comfort
  • Strech zones over the patella and the back of the knee to aid breathability, comfort, and freedom of movement
  • Compression-reduced edges, help divert pressure at the ends of the support to provide a comfortable fit
  • Anatomical contoured knee pad to aid stability of the patella, massaging effect, and to help improve proprioception
  • Removable semi-rigid bilateral polycentric hinges in combination with the strap system, provide added passive stability to aid the knee
  • Non-slip silicone-coated bands helpprovide extra secure hold under stress
  • Adjustable straps around the thigh and lower leg


Measurements should be taken 15cm (6") above mid-patella

Part Number Size Thigh
82-0712-1  X - Small 35-38cm 13 ½˝-15˝
82-0712-2  Small 39-42cm 15 ½˝-16 ½˝
82-0712-3  Medium 43-46cm 17˝-18˝
82-0712-4  Large 47-49cm 18 ½˝-19 ½˝
82-0712-5  X - Large 51-53cm 20˝-21˝
82-0712-6  XX - Large 54-57cm 21 ½˝-22 ½˝
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